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Stress Free

We have received various "stress" every day according to change of a life style or environment. It will fall the depression, worry , and anxious to make a smiling face if it becomes uneasy and stress is saved up will also be lost just because it pursues itself. [ of an ideal ] Let's breathe deeply, while hearing this CD at such time, and release ourselves from stress. A relaxation music works on stresses, gloomy uneasy minus feelings, and wraps gently with natural sound, such as chirping of a little bird, a flow of water, and sound of a wave.
DLWB-1616 Time:58min JAN:4961501649456
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Stress Free

Stress Free
Title Demo
In The Clear Sky Play
Memories Play
Relaxation CANON Play
Ocean Screen Play
Release On The Seashore Play
After The Rain Play
Glowing Places Play


Composed by : Keikichi Takahashi
Supervisor : Yuko Momotani(Clinical psychotherapist of Workers' Mental Health Center in Yokohama Rosai Hospital)
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