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Nature Sound of Mt.Fuji

Mt. Fuji is loved as Japanese "home country of the heart." The mountain that is an object of faith from antiquity and produced much arts was registered as a World Cultural Heritage in 2013. Nature sound CD, the wilderness spreading the foot of mountain, awe-inspiring nobly majestic figure, which was recorded with the change of season at a power spot, such as "ocean of tree Aokigahara", "the Oshino Hakkai", which is the composition property of Mt. Fuji and the sightseeing spot, " the Falls of Shiraito", the chirping of the wild birds though the woods and mountain trails, the sound of richly overflowing water, the sound of autumn breeze, and etc. It is the one CD which can carry out skilled wonderfulness of the four seasons of Japan. You could enjoy a time by healing your mind in great nature.

◎As for this CD, natural sound is recorded only.
◎Japanese & English explanatory
DLNS-111 Time:67min JAN:4961501649449
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Nature Sound of Mt.Fuji

Nature Sound of Mt.Fuji
Title Demo
Chirping of wild birds - Breath of a life Play
Forest of early summer Play
Springs of Mt.Fuji Play
Drizzle at the foot of Mt.Fuji Play
Autumn Breeze Play
Shiraito Falls Play
Snowy Forest Play
The forest echoed by the Cuckoo Play


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