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at the bed time music box

The album which will bring you and your baby peacefulness and comfort at the bed time by the music box. It is arranged focusing on the melody suitable for a quiet night by the calm tempo, which induces sleep. Music such as the children's songs, lullaby, and also Disney and Ghibli, which are hummed involuntarily, are also recommended to you by the specialist of infant education. If the mother hums quietly by hearing the melody of this music box, a baby will be into a dream in comfort. It is one sheet recommended to the relaxation music of a bed time.
DLMY-104 Time:52min JAN:4961501649388
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at the bed time music box

at the bed time music box
Title Demo
SCHUMANN, R.: Kinderscenen (Scenes of childhood), Op. 15 - Traumerei (Dreaming) Play
Beauty And The Beast Play
Once Upon A Dream Play
Itsumo Nando-demo Play
It's A Small World Play
La La Lu Play
SCHUBERT: Wiegenlied (Cradle Song), D. 498 Play
BRAHMS: Lullaby (Wiegenlied), Op. 49, No. 4 Play
Edelweiss Play
Foster: Beautiful dreamer Play
Over The Rainbow Play
Donguri Koro-Koro Play
Ohkina Kuri-no Kinoshita-de Play
Yurikago-no Uta Play


Arranged by : BLUE LIGHT WORKS, Takako Ishiguro
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