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Heavenly Island New Caledonia

Two Pieces of CD and Blu-ray Disc which condensed the charm of the French resort "New Caledonia" which appears on the South Pacific. Such two beautiful ultimate resorts that a sigh come out, are introduced to a clear image and natural sound that Ouvea Island which is a stage of a novel "island nearest to Heaven", a "Marine Jewel Box" called "Ile des Pins". In CD-Disc, pure and comfortable nature sounds which shakes to a sea breeze, such as coconut trees and little birds of tropical islands, can be enjoyed focusing on the sound of the endless wave. In Blu-ray Disc, you can enjoy the skillful higher-resolution images including the setting sun which sinks in the transparent to the blue sea, pure white sands, and the horizon, with the mystical image of the islet "Nokanhui", "Piscine Naturelle" which are a ground of traveler yearning and a famous place of "Ile de Pins", which images the way to Heaven.
DLNB-921_22 Time:129min JAN:4961501649319
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Heavenly Island New Caledonia

Heavenly Island New Caledonia
Title Demo
Morning Wave (6am) -Ouvea- Play
Afternoon Wave (2pm) -Ouvea- Play
Sunset Wave (7pm) -Ouvea- Play
Palms and Winds -Ouvea- Play
Slow Wave -Ile des Pins- Play
Title Demo
Morning Calm
Ile des Pins
Tropical Blend
Piscine Naturelle
Precious Island
Shades of Cool
The Island Nearest to Heaven
Clouds Flow
Relax & Mellow
Magic Hour


"Photo : Kiyotaka Kitajima
Music(Blu-ray) : Hajimu Takeda, Shohei Narabe, Yoshihiro Harada"
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