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Happy Baby Massage by Eri Ebihara

CD in which studied the composition of tempo, a tone, and music suitable for BGM while performing a baby massage, by inviting "Childe Body Therapist", Mrs.Eri Ebihara, as the editorial supervision. It consists of the original music containing a sound of toys, a tone of a piano, and also, Disney and a classic lullabies covered with the heartwarmful music box. Furthermore, the music "HOKEY POKEY" currently used at the lesson of the Mrs.Eri Ebihara's baby massage, and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" are also recorded. Advice of the effect of baby massage of deepening parent and child's bonds, the method of a massage are introduced to the CD booklet with [ intelligible ] an illustration. It is the happy music for whom has became newly fathers and mothers can also relax together with a baby for their skinship time!
DLMY-101 Time:59min JAN:4961501649333
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Happy Baby Massage by Eri Ebihara

Happy Baby Massage by Eri Ebihara
Title Demo
Pokka-poka-poka Play
La La Lu Play
Ichi.Ni.San Play
Itomaki-no Uta Play
Hareta Hi-ni Play
Awabuku-pun Play
Sanpo Play
Oningyo-no Waltz Play
When You Wish Upon A Star Play
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Play
Ohkina Yume Play
Oyasumi-no Heart Play
Schubert's Lullaby Play


Arranged by : Makiko Hirohashi
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