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Omotenashi Café

With a dose of tea, and a time of "being softened" passed with quiet music... It is graceful and sharing the space of the calm comforting with someone, and acquiring a sense of togetherness leads also to satisfaction or true healing. The relaxation music, which was imagined a peace "WA" space with the hint and was built in the soul of the "Tea Ceremony". It melts in the atmosphere of conversation or a place gently, and will urge harmony for the relaxation time, which want to catch their breath. This is the one sheet suitable for BGM of all the "receptions" the luncheon party and the tea time with friends.
DLWB-1615 Time:62min JAN:4961501649241
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Omotenashi Café

Omotenashi Café
Title Demo
Kashigokoro Play
Hirahira Play
Nameraka Play
Shigure Play
Arumamani Play
Kutsurogi Play
Inishie Play
Wabi Play
Ichie Play
Kasane Play


Composed by : Mitsuhiro
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