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Love Ballad 10 αwave Best of best Music Box

The special disc which collected 20 best love songs from the "love ballade best" and nine old works in which the tone of an easy music box plays a JPOP hit song. A set of two CDs fully got blocked the loci of love for ten years, such music with the title tune of the time-tested song of a marriage ceremony, or TV commercials and a drama was decorated. The melody which a music box plays and which does not fade gently, will bring about the time of peacefulness. Also as BGM, when you would like to be able to settle down the heart, it is the best also for the present of an event season.
Music Box
DLOW-739_40 Time:104min JAN:4961501649128
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Love Ballad 10 αwave Best of best Music Box

Love Ballad 10 αwave Best of best Music Box
Title Demo
Hanamizuki Play
Lion Heart Play
Kiseki Play
Hitomi-wo Tojite Play
Lovers Again Play
Butterfly Play
Konayuki Play
Kimitte Play
Kotoba-ni Dekinai Play
Title Demo
Arigatoh Play
First Love Play
Tsubomi Play
One Love Play
Story Play
Mikazuki Play
Kazoku-ni naroh-yo Play
365-nichi Play
Ai-wo Komete Hanataba-wo Play


Arranged by : BLUE LIGHT WORKS, Yumehichi Nijiwa
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