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Nami - Kerama & Kume Islands

The islands of the transparent and blue sea with the shining coral beach… The set of CD and DVD that contains the blue ocean, called Kerama Blue, and coral reefs, relaxing empty private beaches in Okinawa, mainly Tokashikijima and Zamami Island of the Kerama Islands. The sea that changes its looks by the sunrise and sunset, the confortable sound of the surf and coral beaches, the rustling leaves of pandanus tectorius in the wind, a ship that has anchored offshore… You will be completely relaxed when you see the scene of the mysterious ripple marks on the Hatenohama beach in Kume Island that made by the tidal shift. When you cannot clear your head or you want to free your mind at once, please enjoy this beautiful videos and the sound of nature. The DVD includes especially a valuable scene of a slowly and relaxingly swimming green turtle, colourful tropical fishes and the masterpiece of the panoramic video of Kume Island shot from the air. Have a fun with the best moment under the sea and from the sky as well as the earthly paradise itself.

Sound Produce by Shinji Kinoshita
DLNV-913_14 Time:124min JAN:4961501648343
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Nami - Kerama & Kume Islands

Nami - Kerama & Kume Islands [CD]
Title Demo
Tokakushiku (Tokashiki-Island) Play
Aharen (Tokashiki-Island) Play
Furuzamami (Zamami-Island) Play
Ama beach (Zamami-Island) Play
A-ra beach (Kume-Island) Play
Iifu beach (Kume-Island) Play
Hateno-hama Beach (Kume-Island) Play
Nami - Kerama & Kume Islands [DVD]
Title Demo
Morning Wave
Coral World
Sea Turtle
Gentle Waves
Twilight Morning
Fly High
Tide Art


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