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Wa Spa - Zen

According to the good reputation of "SPA" sold in 2006, here comes the second version of "WA-Spa". Compared to the previous album with a full of ethnic taste, "WA-Spa" includes the sound of Japanese musical instruments such as Japanese harp and Shinobue. It is mixed well with the modern sound of western musical instruments and expresses a sophisticated Japanese atmosphere. It is also the spa music containing fully the nature sound of the flowing water, the singing of insects and the chirping of little birds, which are the sounds that Japanese people who have delicate sensibility like. "Bath" is a familiar relaxing time in our life style, and it is a very valuable time for beauty and health for washing away the stress of our mind and body in a day. Why not add a comfortable occasion for brushing up yourself to your bath time? Tomorrow would be a cheerful day if you detox yourself and refresh your feelings. This is the best BGM for the daily bath time as well as the massaging and meditation time before going to bed. Total of 7 tracks.

Sound Produce by Shinji Kinoshita
DLWB-1614 Time:52min JAN:4961501648275
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Wa Spa - Zen

Wa Spa - Zen
Title Demo
Jyohka - Purification Play
Seijyaku - Silence Play
Yuubi - Elegance and beauty Play
Mugen - A world of fantasy Play
Nodoka - A quiet field Play
Anon - Live in peace Play
Saisei - Regeneration Play


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