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Mental Detox

Kick-out "Mental Toxin=Stress"and renew yourself! Detox means originally neutralisation and purification and is one of the methods of being healthy. The toxins in the body cause typical troubles of women like constipation, overweight, stiff shoulders and skin problems. This CD consists of refreshing sound mixed with the sound of water and streams and the comfortable music of an image of all the moisture in the body flowing around the body. Once you enjoy the music with your eyes closed, you can free your mind and feel as if all of nerves and stress are coming out of all of your pores in the skin. It is great for the time of spa, meditation and de-stressing. Total of 6 tracks.

Sound Produced by Makiko Hirohashi
DW-1606 Time:55min JAN:4961501646738
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Mental Detox

Mental Detox
Title Demo
Horizon Play
Flow Play
Mizu-no Tairiku Play
Freedom Play
Toki-no Kishibe Play
Yuhi-no Koro Play


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