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Excessive diet such as too much dietary restriction and exercise makes you irritated and does not last long. Moreover, that stress causes 'Re-bound' that is a great enemy to go on a diet. This CD eases your anxiety, irritation or strain gently. Deep relaxation can enhance your metabolism and give you a full support of your diet. The soft melody is great for a BGM of Spa and Stretch. Let's just end up the stressful diet!
Total of 10 tracks.
Sound Producer: Yoshiki Kume
DW-1603 Time:56min JAN:4961501646523
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Title Demo
Madoromi-no Prelude Play
Kaze-no Rondo Play
Komorebi-no Uta Play
Gentle Rain Dance Play
Purple Gradation Play
Walking On The Air Play
On The Way Play
Mind Reset Play
Gogo-no Tabidachi Play
Scenery Of Quiet Water Play


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