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Kotoba-ni Dekinai - Kazumasa Oda Collection

"Off Course" has been together for more than 30 years now. Lots of their famous songs are played so many times in youth beyond generations. Timeless melodies of Kazumasa Oda that bring you emotive and touching feelings are arranged for music boxes. This is the album of music boxes that reminds of your memories clearly.
Total of 10 tracks. *Instrumental music only. No vocals included.
Music Box
OPJ-544 Time:47min JAN:4961501646363
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Kotoba-ni Dekinai - Kazumasa Oda Collection

Kotoba-ni Dekinai - Kazumasa Oda Collection
Title Demo
Tashikana-koto Play
Yes - No Play
Sayonara Play
Ai-wo Tomenai-de Play
Love Story-ha Totsuzen-ni Play
Midori-no Hibi Play
Boku-no Okuri-mono Play
Umare-kuru Kodomo-tachi-no Tame-ni Play
Kirakira Play
Kotoba-ni Dekinai Play


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