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Mushi-no Symphony

Once hot summer has gone and then, the ears of the Japanese silver grasses start to swing, the season of the insects has come. Crickets, pine crickets, grasshoppers and Hayashi-no Umaoi. If you listen to a clump of grass, those familiar insects begin to sing beautifully at once. You will feel the scene in this CD. *This CD recorded only the nature sound.
DLNS-109 Time:62min JAN:4961501646899
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Mushi-no Symphony

Mushi-no Symphony
Title Demo
Kotori-no Saezuri - Togakushi forest botanical garden - Part4 Play
Emma Kohrogi - Saitama Play
Ogawa-no Seseragi-to Mushi-tachi - Saitama Play
Kohgen-no Mushi-tachi - Yamanashi Play
Keikoku-zoi-no Mushi-tachi - Okutama lake Play
Budoh Batake-no Naka-no Kohrogi - Yamanashi Play
Mushi Shigure - Yamanashi Play


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