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Spirit of Healing - Okinawa / V.A.

It is a fusion of the sound of Okinawan traditional musical instruments performed by local artists and the nature sound. This is a mixture of the nature sound of the restless waves, gentle winds and singing of insects in a moonlit night and the sound of the traditional musical instruments such as a sanshin, Ryukyu kokyu, bamboo flute and shimadaiko. "Yuntaku" rooted in the island is being advocated in this healing CD. Once you put yourself in the slow time line in the peaceful island, Okinawa, you will be relaxed. Suitable album for meditation and the time for relaxing. (All recorded in Okinawa) Total of 12 tracks.
DHS-503 Time:55min JAN:4961501646486
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Spirit of Healing - Okinawa / V.A.

Spirit of Healing - Okinawa / V.A.
Title Demo
Kaisare Play
Prologue - Ryukyu Play
Mohashibi - Ityubiguwah Play
Yeah-satoyo Play
Tsukinu Kaisha Play
Mimura-bushi Play
Sahsah-bushi Play
Thirukuguchi Play
Hama Chidori Play
Muriuta - Yuragi Play
Epilogue-Ryuukyu Play
Satomae-toyo Play


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