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Spirit of Healing - Bali / Makoto Kubota

Welcome to the spiritual resort of the healing island "Bali" to soothe your mind. Once you devote yourself into the gamelan music, you will be able to return to the nature of the Gods. It is the album to ease and please your senses. It is an extreame healing music which the gamelan music, known as the heven music, performed with the Indonesian traditional musical instruments such as jegog(bamboo gamelan), sulin(bamboo suling) and kachapi is blended with the sound of nature actually recorded in Bali. The high quality and stylish sound by Makoto Kubota who creates the cutting edge of world music can leads you to an elegant but an exotic space. Best for meditation and spa music! (All recorded in Bali) Total of 10 tracks.
DHS-502 Time:50min JAN:4961501646332
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Spirit of Healing - Bali / Makoto Kubota

Spirit of Healing - Bali / Makoto Kubota
Title Demo
Ubud Play
Old Seminyak Play
Manis Play
Singapadu Play
Sundanese Lullaby Play
Kayu Api Play
Jeggog No.7 Play
Karang Suling Play
Cinta Play
Blue Bonan Play


Makoto Kubota
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