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Be yourself even while you are pregnant. This is the recommended CD with a relaxing maternity style for grasping mothers-to-be who have desires to be dressed up, to keep active and to be attractive and lovely even after giving birth. Having a baby first time ever… It is likely to be stressed out while being pregnant. Anxieties of childbirth, the impatience of raising a child, the changing of the body… Why don't you spend your everyday life in a healthy and pleasant feeling of experiencing the joy of being beside your child all the time although you may have sometimes a hard time? Have a relaxing time with your baby in your body with listening to the refreshing music, the twittering of little birds and the sound of flowing water that give us the image of the amniotic fluid. This comfortable music can ease your restless mind when you are extremely busy after childbirth. If you enjoy your spare time and calm yourself down, you can be surely kind to your child and family. It is the relaxation music for you who want to be still gorgeous while you are pregnant and after you having a baby. Total of 7 tracks.

Sound Produce by Makiko Hirohashi
DLWB-1612 Time:55min JAN:4961501647704
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Title Demo
Sparkling Soda Play
Vitamin Music Play
Relax & Yoga Play
Siesta Play
Positive Thinking Play
Mother Sea Play
My Dear Life Play


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