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Control your breathing and feel your own vital energy flow. Once you close your eyes and leave yourself in a flow of the soft sound that is like a stream of a majestic river, your mind and body can be healed before you know. "Tai Chi Chuan " is an ultimate way of keeping healthy that has been inherited in China for a long time, and it attracts attention of celebrities from home and abroad and young women as well as every generation as a method of recovering from illness or a beauty regimen. This is a healing album that mixed the gentle music of Chinese musical instruments of dizi, erhu and Chinese plucked zither and the sound of nature such as a stream and birdsongs together, and it is designed for you who want to be an Asian Beauty. Total of 7 tracks.
Sound Produce by Shinji Kinoshita
DLWB-1611 Time:56min JAN:4961501647537
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Title Demo
Atarashii Yoake Play
Kumo-no Utsuroi Play
Sohgen-no Uta Play
Yuukyu-no Toki Play
Hidamari-no Naka-de Play
Tsuki-no Kagayaku Sora Play
Mizube-no Keshiki Play


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