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Okinawa - Relax Island

Feel the sea, the island and the sky, such a the beautiful natural sceneries in Okinawa. It contains not only the nature sound of mostly the beautiful sound of the waves in the main island of Okinawa and Ishigaki Island but also the scenes of the field of sugar cane in Hateru Island and the mangroves in Iriomote Island, which will make you feel as if you were really there. This DVD has some newly shot scenes of Okinawa Islands by Kiyotaka Kitajima. Let's enjoy the Ryukyu time.

Photograph by Kiyotaka Kitajima
NSV-905_6 Time:101min JAN:4961501646622
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Okinawa - Relax Island

Okinawa - Relax Island 【CD】
Title Demo
Relax Wave Play
Morning Wave Play
Birds Calling Play
Breeze~Sugar Cane Play
Nature's Island Play
Secret Wave Play
Breath of Forest Play
Coral Wave Play
Okinawa - Relax Island【DVD】
Title Demo
Tayutau-toki-no Naka-de
Nahkunii - Yutakara-bushi
Moon shadow
San*San by Yoshihiro Harada
San*San by Naganori Sakakibara


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