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Morning Beauty

"The early bird catches the worm". Recently, the people want to be a morning person are rapidly increasing, especially in the working women. Let's get your own productive life style by spending every morning comfortably! Why not wake you up freshly with the soothing sound starting from chirping of little birds? It is likely that keeping your mind peaceful leads us to a wonderful morning even in a sleepy and listless or a hustle and bustle morning. Just take the soft light and fresh air into your room from the window and say good morning to the plants in the garden. Fully charge yourself with an aromatic cup of coffee and a hot croissant. Yoga or stretch in the morning makes you feel good and gives a clear head, and moreover, you can speed up reading books or checking e-mails. This CD is recommended to you who want to upgrade yourself, and it is also a refreshing music to start your stress-free day . Total of 10 tracks.
Sound Produce by Yoshiki Kume
DLWB-1610 Time:60min JAN:4961501647520
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Morning Beauty

Morning Beauty
Title Demo
Mezame Play
Mori-no Sasayaki Play
Fresh Green Play
The Delight of Morning Play
Beauty's Recipe Play
Morning Mist Play
Mizukagami - Mind Detox Play
Kaze-no Uta Play
Be happy! - Atarasii watashi Play
Yasashii Toki-no Naka-de Play


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