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The sound of "Aroma" is tender to your mind and body. Let's have a time to heal your daily stress just by listening to this "Aroma" music that turns your holiday into a happy and relaxing time. The music is made by the image of each natural fragrance and blended with the nature sound (i.e. little birds, a little stream, the waves), and it works gently for both the mind and body. When you are tired or want to be relaxed, it will make a peaceful moment in your daily life to listen to the Aroma Music with your favorite fragrance at the end of a day for healing your senses. It is the best BGM for the time of spa, massaging and aroma treatment as well as aromatic therapy. Total of 7 tracks.

Sound Produce by Makiko Hirohashi
DLWB-1609 Time:57min JAN:4961501647193
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Title Demo
ORANGE - Refresh Play
SANDALWOOD - Meisoh Play
ROSEWOOD - Shinrin-yoku Play
ROSEMARY - Syuutyuu Play
YLANG YLANG - Antei Play
LAVENDER - Yuumin Play


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