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Oirase-no Seiryu

The mountain stream of Oirase flowing from Towada Lake has picturesque sceneries thorouhout all seasons. The most beautiful season in Oirase is about the late of autum when the trees covered with red leaves and the transparent flows of the water come together. Why not close your eyes and feel the three-dimensional sound made by the cool flowing water made and the nature? *This CD recorded only the nature sound.
DLNS-105 Time:61min JAN:4961501646851
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Oirase-no Seiryu

Oirase-no Seiryu
Title Demo
Kohyoh-no Seiryu Play
Mizu-to Kotori-no Tawamure Play
Cyohshi Ohtaki Play
Keiryu Play
Chiisana Nagare Play
Akisame-no Keikoku Play


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