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Island Surf - New Caledonia

The island closest to Heaven, New Caledonia Island. It is the supreme bliss of the paradise with the blue ocean and the white sand beach extend as far as you can see. The CD contains recorded 3D sound of the surf in Ouvea Island and the DVD includes ambient pictures of the island. They are the tools of relaxation. Enjoy your holiday in the nature surrounded by the pleasant sound of the surf.
NSV-901_2 Time:92min JAN:4961501646134
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Island Surf - New Caledonia

Island Surf - New Caledonia【CD】
Title Demo
Waves of an Ouvea island 1 Play
Waves Of An Ouvea island 2 Play
Waves Of An Ouvea island 3 Play
Waves Of An Ouvea island 4 Play
Waves Of An Ouvea island 5 Play
Island Surf - New Caledonia 【DVD】
Title Demo
Morning Shine
Island Surf
Yashi-no Kokage-de
Muri-no Kyohkai
Afternoon Breeze


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