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Sleeping Orgel

The domestic and international music suitable for the bedtime are arranged in the best tempo and sound to help people fall asleep and blended with effective relaxing signals. This is the first CD album of music boxes in the world for having a sleep under the supervision of a sleeping therapist. This sound of the music boxes is compiled to shift gradually from the alpha waves that bring relaxation to the theta waves that lead a sleep. If you soak the soothing relaxation up, your brain synchronises with it and your mind and body will be healed. It works greatly as a background music of bedtime.
Total of 12 tracks. *Instrumental music only. No vocals included.
Music Box
OPJ-552 Time:52min JAN:4961501646714
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Sleeping Orgel

Sleeping Orgel
Title Demo
Wiegenlied Play
Ave Maria Play
Teruu-no Uta Play
Tsuki-no Hikari Play
Hush Little Baby Play
Over The Rainbow Play
Hanyuu-no Yado Play
Warabi-gami - Ten-no Komori Uta Play
Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13, Pathetique II. Adagio cantabile Play
Moonlight Serenade Play
Amazing Grace Play
When You Wish Upon A Star Play


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