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Ageless Beauty

The way of your own life without showing a sign of your age. That's the real "Ageless Beauty". This CD is for the self-healing that can heal yourself and reset your ming by listening. Won't you relax your mind and body by listening to the soft melodies which comfort your sensitive mind, the voice which makes you less anxious and the fresh nature sound of little birds and a stream? An active life with the music will inspire the creativity in you. Challenge new you with a positive mind, and a world of "Ageless Beauty" will open out before you. Total of 8 tracks.
Sound Produce by Makiko Hirohashi
DLWB-1613 Time:54min JAN:4961501647841
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Ageless Beauty

Ageless Beauty
Title Demo
Megami-no Niwa Play
Kansya-no Kimochi Play
Water Relax Play
Eien Play
Floral Beauty Play
Remember Play
Aging - Kakegae-no-nai Toki-wo Kasanete Play


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