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Ogasawara Islands

1,000km south from Tokyo. "Ogasawara" is noted as the last unexplored area in Japan that left a lot of untouched nature still now. The deep blue ocean that dolphins and whales are coming and a dense subtropical jungle are there. A three-dimensional microphone recorded the real sound of the paradise with the primary colors, "Ogasawara". It makes you feel as if the big panoramic view is in front of you. *This CD recorded only the nature sound.
DLNS-104 Time:69min JAN:4961501646844
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Ogasawara Islands

Ogasawara Islands
Title Demo
Miya-no Hama - Nami Play
Mikazuki-yama - Kotori-no Saezuri Play
Ohmura Kaigan - Nami-to Sangosyoh Play
Zatoh Kujira-no Song Play
Iruka-tachi-no Nakigoe Play
Hatsuneura-no Hamabe Play
Yashi-no Ki-wo Yurasu Kaze Play
Kopepe Kaigan - Odayaka-na Nami Play
Miya-no Hama - Kotori-no Saezuri Play


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