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Shiretoko / Ohohtsuku

You can listen to the real sound of Shiretoko both in winter and summer where is the easternmost unexplored region. Voice of winter art of "Drift Ice", singing of precious Blakiston's fish-owl and the spectacular nature of a virgin forest are included as well as a bonus track of cries of Red-crown canes. *This CD recorded only the nature sound.
DLNS-103 Time:68min JAN:4961501646837
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Shiretoko / Ohohtsuku

Shiretoko / Ohohtsuku
Title Demo
Frozen-ha (Shari Town) Play
Ryuhyoh-no Inanaki (Rausu Town) Play
Ryuhyoh-ha (Rausu Town) Play
Shima Fukuroh (Rausu Town) Play
Yukidoke-no Sawa (Shiretoko National Park) Play
Kamuiwakka-yu- no Taki Play
Otoko-no Namida (Yunohana Waterfall) Play
Goko-no Danpeki Play
Tori-no Saezuri (Shiretoko National Park) Play
Syoka-no Iwaobetsu-gawa Play
Tanchoh Zuru (Kushuro-Marsh) - Bonus Track Play


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