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Please read through the following important notes. If you agree to the terms, please click the ‘I accept the terms of the agreement above.’ button and go on to the enquiry form.

About our Privacy Policy

Enacted on May 1, 2010

Della Inc. has our privacy policy to protect our customers' privacy as follows.
1. Use of information
(1) For shipping procedure of orders
(2) For credit card transactions
(3) For making an aggregation of data to develop new products
(We will not make it personally identifiable without your consent.)
(4) To help us improve our merchandise and services (including sending out our direct mail and catalogues) and recommend them that might be of interest to you.
(5) To delivery your orders by shipping companies
(6) For process of making novelty CDs
(7) For process of your inquiries

2. Sharing the information we receive
We are not in the business of selling or giving our customer and member information to others, but we share it only as described below without their consent.
(1) In case of having a request of disclosure of information by law
(2) In the need of protection of human lives, bodies and properties and unable to get his/her consent
(3) In the special need of improving hygiene or promoting healthy development of children and unable to get his/her consent
(4) In the need of cooperating national organizations, local authorities or a person who is entitled to do their paperwork under the law and when getting his/her consent might interfere completing the work.

3. About delegation of handling privacy information
We delegate handling our customers' information to the companies contracted with us depending on our services such as 'delivery' and 'credit card transaction'.

4. About inquiries of privacy policy and disclosure
If a customer or his/her proxy requires any acts about the privacy policy such as notification of the purpose of usage, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, suspending of usage, erasing or suspending of giving to the third parties, please contact to the below.
-Della Inc.
-Manager of Privacy Policy / Shinichiro Kyoya
-Customer Service Centre of Privacy Policy
E-mail Please use the form below for enquiries.
Phone +81-3-6893-2101
FAX +81-3-6893-2102
Interview, Media Coverage +81-3-6893-2110
Address Aoba Roppongi Building 7F, 3-16-33, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032

5. Information you give us
Some information we ask you are optional. You can choose not to provide certain information but then you might not be able to take advantage of many of our features.

About our website
When you place an order online, all your personal information will be encrypted by SSL, so that it is securely transmitted and impossible to understand it even if it were seen by someone over the Internet. Most of the main web browsers work with SSL certificates. You do not need to concern about it usually.

*Disclaimer about the linked websites
We are not in the position of responsibility for any inconvenience or damages caused by the third parties and the third party businesses linked on our website, and you shall comply their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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