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Dear Customers

Music is always with you.

Music is always with you. We have been working toward our mission to give "Gentle Music for Mind and Body" through sound, music, videos and music events since the establishment of our company.

Health, Comfortable Life and Ecology are the main theme of our company, Della. We are creating suitable sound for people's life styles, feelings and conditions under our concept that has not been changed since our establishment. Recently we strive for the spread of music therapy such as verification, mental health and the other measures of preventive medicine and launching into the medical field of treatment by making sound based on the physiological data. Recording sound of the changing nature and pass them down through ages is regarded for us as a repayment to the ecology. It is because we cannot record the same sound of nature in the past such as the sound of waves, brooks and forests of over a decade ago.

Music and sound can not only heal your heart but also bring about spiritual enrichment to you. The relaxation brought at the time will evoke beautiful feelings such as gratitude, kindness and thoughtfulness.

We will keep making every effort to be able to bring you the products on the basis of "gentle for mind and body" with all our heart.

We appreciate your understanding and support.

Yours Sincerely,

March 2011
The President of Della Inc.

宇津木 秀夫
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